Friday, December 9, 2016

What Helen Read #8: November 2016

Helen's reading game is strong. That's all I have to say about how many books she's read in the month of November compared to my pititul TWO books!!

So many pretties ...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Book swag from my US trip 2016

While I was in the US, I had planned to attend NOLA Storycon and to catch up with some author friends for the towns I happened to be in.

Things did not work out as planned and I had to cancel attending NOLA Storycon and catching up with a few authors in the NOLA area. I had bought a whole bunch of books and sent them to my girl Bambi cos I was attenting NOLA Storycon with her. Since I was not able to attend, she was kind enough to take some of my books and get them signed for me. Here is some of the swag from NOLA.

Jeaniene Frost book swag 1
The first lot of my Jeaniene Frost books.

Jeaniene Frost book swag 2
And the rest of my Jeaniene Frost books. I'm really appreciate of the fact that she was willing to sign all of them.

I also got a few miscellaneous books along the way. My friend Bambi had picked up a signed copy of Cristin Harber's Titan series for me cos she knew I liked her books. Plus I had sent her some Charlaine Harris books for signing and she managed to get Ms Harris to sign one of them. And I came home to a book from Cathryn Fox in the mail. :-)

Misc book swag
Cristin Harber, Cathryn Fox and Charlaine Harris book swag.

Of course, with the US trip, my most prized book swag are the books by Juliette Cross. I'm so delighted to have signed books by her because she is one of my favorite authors. I'm certain you've heard me rave about her and her writing. :-)

Juliette Cross book swag
My signed Juliette Cross books. Aren't they pretty?

And here's a peek inside some of the books Juliette signed for me.

Juliette Cross signature 1
Juliette, I have not forgiven you for what you put me through with George and Katherine. You still need to make it up to me!!

Juliette Cross signature 2
Juliette, I was considering fighting you for Jude, but decided not to since my new love is now Demetrius. You can *almost* have Jude. :-)

Even though we didn't get to New Orleans, we did manage a road trip to Colorado. Along the way, I managed to catch up with Elaine Levine and Pamela Clare. You can read about my trip and the recap here.

I bought a bunch of books to bring along for Elaine and Pamela to sign. I would have bought more books but I had to consider the fact that the books were heavy and I had to find some way to ship them home.

Elaine was so kind and she added to my goodies. :-)

Elaine Levine Red Team book swag
My Red Team book swag from Elaine Levine. Pretty, pretty!

Elaine Levine Men of Defiance book swag
Elaine Levine's Men of Defiance series. I need to get started on these books.

And I also got books signed by Pamela Clare. I love her I-Team series. I haven't read her new series set in Colorado yet, but I plan to.

Pamela Clare book swag I-Team series
Pamela Clare book swag. I kinda wish I didn't have to limit space and I could have got more of them signed.

And finally, we also managed to attend a couple of book signings at Barnes and Noble. Those were mostly for Steve because two of his favorite authors who live locally had books release while we were there. Kyle Mills who has taken over writing the Mitch Rapp series from Vince Flynn after he died and John Sandford. The book signings were a lot of fun. We met a really cool couple while at the Kyle Mills signing and we ended up doing a wine tasting / book signing for Steve's book Wine Sense with Australian wines (that we could find locally) which the couple hosted. Lots of fun.

Kyle Mills book signing
At the Kyle Mills book signing. He told most fascinating stories of his childhood and growing up with a father who was an FBI director and later a director at Interpol.

John Sandford book signing
At the John Sandford signing. He told the funniest anecdotes about his books and  his writing process. :-)

Kyle Mills and John Sandford book swag
And we got the requisite book swag. We got a few extra copies of the Kyle Mills/Vince Flynn books as gifts too.

Phew! That's a lot of book swag, huh?

I tell you what, that many books is very expensive to mail home! So many books = so very heavy!!

But I'm so happy to have them to add to my collection.

Have you got any new book swag lately? Show me what you've got.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

What Deanna Read #10: November 2016

So, I didn't think it was possible to be more pathetic on my reading count in November than I was in October but I was wrong. I only read TWO books in the whole of November. One of them I didn't do any justice to because it was a good book but it took me 1.5 months :-O to finish reading it.

Yesterday, as I was lying in bed going into my second hour of playing Best Fiends (don't do it, it's addictive and a time suck!) I realised something.

The two months in the US, caring for Steve's dad while be was ill and almost died, the hospital trips (twice), the transition care trips (twice), and helping mom out and transporting her around daily because she no longer drives, really took an emotional toll on both Steve and I. Our emotional tanks are empty, so to speak. Both Steve and I are both sitting on empty on our emotional tanks. :-( Steve's gotten addicted to Bejeweled Blitz!

It is taking us so long to get back into the swing of things. Plus we hit the ground running being back home since we were away for so long. There was a lot of stuff that had piled up which we needed to catch up on.

Anyway, the whole point of this is while I am disappointed I'm not reading as much (and I really want to!), I recognise that I'm not in the right mind space for it at the moment. I'm going to be kind to myself and not beat myself up about it (I've been doing that a bit and feeling guilty about all the review books getting backlogged!).

Here's hoping December will be a better month.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review: Pia Does Hollywood (Elder Races #8.6) by Thea Harrison

I'm in the process of trying to catch up on posting some reviews. Being away on vacation and not reading as much, writing blog posts 2 months in advance has put me right behind. I have a heap of reviews I haven't posted. As you can see, this is not a current book but very much a beloved series by Thea Harrison. I'm actually quite caught up on the reading of the books but need to post my reviews. Very slack, Deanna!! Other reviews for this series are here and here.

Pia Does Hollywood by Thea Harrison

Pia Does Hollywood (Elder Races #8.6) by Thea Harrison
Purchase link: Amazon

My rating: star star star star

Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame