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We are 4 months into the new year so I guess it's not so much of a new year anymore, is it? I'm re-jigging the blog again, which I knew I was going to do as the year progressed and I'm happy to say I'm very, very pleased with how the blog schedule is looking now.

For starters, I've taken our the promo commitments I was making. It got too much and it wasn't what I wanted the blog to be about. It was getting too promo heavy. I had been thinking about it for a few months now and recently I learned a few things from my bud Bambi who had just attented #RT16 and it gave me the impetus to make the change.

Secondly, the Deanna's World team is growing. I've introduced #MANVIEW which are reviews of romance novels written by men who have read them. It's so interesting to get a man's perspective on a romance novel. They see it so differently from women, as witnessed by the conversation we had below. You can read about the two #MANVIEW guys on the team here.

Manview chat

I'm also delighted to report the bloggity has added another reviewer to the reviewing team. Her name is Helen and you can read all about her here.

Overall, it's a lot neater for the blog with these changes. Only one post a day. I'm going to do my best to stick to that.

So here's what's going down on the bloggity from now on:

Mondays and Wednesdays will still see book reviews from yours truly. Once a month on a Wednesday though will be a #MANVIEW, fortnightly if I can get the guys to crank out a few more books. :-)

Tuesdays are now a little open. Once a fortnight, there will be a review from Helen. On the other days, there may or may not be a post. I'm keeping it open.

Thursdays has always been my feature day and it will remain the same. Once a month will be a What Deanna Read and What Helen Read post. Once a fortnight, there will be the Author Showcase whenever there's an author scheduled and an author is kind enough to let me showcase his / her work. On the last Thursday of the month, it will either be a New On My Bookshelf post and any other open Thursday will feature some kind of topical post which catches my fancy.

Fridays have become my Insta-Week posts where I share with you a little bit of a glimpse of my life through Instagram photos. It's a fun post to show a little more of a personal side of me.

Saturdays and Sundays have always varied and a lot of people don't post on weekends. I expect it will remain mostly free of posts and I'll take the weekends off but if something comes up, I will post it on a day that's available.

Photo via Visualhunt

Finally, I may on occasion go on vacation. If I go on vacation, the blog will likely go on vacation since I may not take my computer with me and won't be writing blog posts if I'm sunning myself somewhere on a beach. :-) Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of notice and try to at least have one or two pre-written posts up before I do that.

I hope this clarifies things for you, in case you were wondering why there were fewer posts each week. I'm keeping it fairly loosely structured, but you'll also know what to expect each week.

I'm not going away.

There will still be posts every day.

Happy reading!!

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  1. I need to keep to my schedule better. I haven't done a Thrifty Thursday in forever, and I forget the Friday Follows more often than not.

    1. It's not always easy to keep to a schedule but I'm trying.