Monday, November 11, 2019

What Helen Read #42: October 2019

Hey! Hey! Hey! How are you coping with the end of the year rushing up at us? I'm in a bit of a tizz because I've got some rather serious dental sessions coming up with the dental surgeon and I don't know exactly when to schedule them for. A bit hard on the planning front with other commitments and I don't want to be missing a front tooth (a crown needs to be replaced) when I show up for an event, especially since towards the end of the year we are having a family photo shoot for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. What plans do you have for the end of the year coming up?

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Monday, November 4, 2019

What Deanna Read #45: October 2019

Can you believe it's November already? The year is whizzing by fast. Before we know it, it's going to be Christmas!! I didn't read as much this month because... reasons. I had a few days where I was so busy I had zero time to read. And then I also got into a bit of a book funk and didn't read for a few more days and did other stuff instead for a change of pace. I discovered we get Prime Video with our Amazon Prime subscription quite by accident. Steve found out when he realised he could watch his NFL Thursday night football for his team on one particular day and we experimented with getting that turned on and the app downloaded to my TV. Hooray for a smart TV!! And we've also started watching Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Prime Video. It's quite good. I'm blown away by the quality of the picture on my TV screen. Sorry, I'll stop now. I know, not much of that above was book related. I'll move one.

Here's what I read for the month.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

What Helen Read #41: September 2019

Hello again! Because I'm behind so far this month, you get a twofer this week. I'm trying to catch up so squeezing in Helen's September reads as well. And once this is done, I can feel a bit more caught up and less guilty for being slack even if I had good reasons for it. Jet lag, y'all. Jet lag. It's no fun.

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Monday, October 14, 2019

What Deanna Read #44: September 2019

Oh my gosh! How slack am I? I'm so late with this post and it's all because we got home from our US trip then went straight into the city for work meetings and concerts. We didn't get home till days after and then I crashed. Jet lag is no joke, y'all. I was so tired. I'm still tired. As I'm writing this, I'm about three or four hours behind on my day because I slept in this morning. It wasn't even intentional. I just didn't wake up!! I was stunned when I looked at the clock this morning when I finally opened my eyes. It was LATE! But, hey, September was a pretty good reading month. I tried to get as much reading in as I could even though I was away. October, on the other hand, is not going so well on the reading front.

Here's what I read for the month.